Tenant Frequently Asked Questions?

Per your lease, you are not allowed to physically alter the property. Installing dishes/satellites from companies such as DirectTV or DishTV is considered an alteration. Since they are often installed on rooftops, a tenant may be held responsible for removal, or any damages associated with the alteration. If you must have a satellite, please get approval from the manager and do so in a way which keeps the house/street appeal tasteful.

Yes, you sure can! We accept online payments at www.payyourrent.com. Here, you can also submit any maintenance requests in writing. Please note that we may disable the ability to pay online if a tenant has an NSF or bounced payment. At that point, only certified funds such as Money Order or Cashier Checks will be accepted.

For most non-emergency requests, the preferred method is in writing through our website. We will work towards getting the repair performed in a timely fashion. If you have an emergency during or after office hours, please call (830) 743-0936 or (210) 865-6864 immediately. Please note that while we consider A/C calls as urgent matters, especially during the summer, they are typically not considered emergencies.

We do understand that life events can require actions that involve the need to break a lease. The best thing to do is communicate with us so that we may help all parties involved. Generally, a tenant breaking a lease is responsible for a re-let fee which is 85% of one month’s full rent, and remains responsible for rent until a new tenant is procured. We will work with you on getting the property on market for lease so a new tenant may be placed. Often times, we can help minimize the financial impact on both tenant and owner with good communication.

Please be sure to check with your manager first regarding pet occupancy at a property. Some owners may not allow pets at their properties and this would of course not be permissible. Most times, we can add a pet to your lease, which will require the appropriate pet deposit to be paid. Generally, pet deposits range from $300 - $500, and are refundable.

Typically tenants are responsible for pest control costs.

We do our best to review pictures taken before and after a tenant occupies a property, along with notes and the Inventory and Condition form a tenant returns to us upon move-in. There may be times where we have missed something and may need to rectify on a tenant’s behalf. We are unable to take phone calls on security deposit disputes as they do not provide for the exchange of documentation and often may be emotionally charged. We will review all disputes and treat each individual fairly with a timely response.

We will have rekeyed the property prior to move-in for your safety and peace of mind. Be sure to fill out and return your “Inventory and Condition Form” received when signing your lease. This allows you to notate any damage or non-functioning items upon your move-in. The form is not however, a maintenance request. Be sure to have utilities turned on/transferred into your name or you could have a service interruption. We do not perform a "walkthrough" with tenants at move-in. We’ve documented property condition beforehand.

Once we’ve received keys, garage openers AND a forwarding address, Kustom Real Estate has 30 days to complete a security deposit return. We advise that you remove all personal belongings and clean the house thoroughly including floors, walls, trim, windows, bathrooms, counters, cabinets, appliances so an owner does not incur the cost to do this for you. If you are responsible for lawn maintenance, then the grass and hedges need to be trimmed to a reasonable height and all planting beds should be free of weeds. In short, we want to give you the full amount possible back. Do your best to leave the property in the same condition you received.

The number one maintenance request and number one chargeback we experience as a management company relates to A/C filters. It is your responsibility to replace A/C filters in regular intervals (typically every 30 days). Doing so allows your system to function in an efficient manner. This saves you money on utilities, provides for a comfortable environment, and prevents damage to the A/C unit, which will be charged back to you, the tenant, if it is discovered filters were not changed appropriately. Please be sure to change filters so you stay comfortable and don’t incur expenses of repair!